Maid services

We have at your service:

  • Full Time Maids
  • Once Off Maids
  • Part Time Maids

For your convenience:

  • The same lady comes regularly at the time and day of your choice 
  • We provide ongoing support 
  • We respond to last-minute requests 
  • We provide Chars, Nanny or (Baby sitting services) part time or full time.
  • We are just a dial away.



Moving houseCarpet and couch cleaning services

Please phone for a FREE quotation.

Office cleaning

You can outsource your whole office cleaning to us. We can also clean your office windows and basement.

Move Assistance

Boy and girl team R500 per moving day.

Gardener placement

We can give you one full time or he can come in on a determined day every week to mow, maintain flowers and clean pool.

Driver placement

This can be provided when needed or we can give you one on a full time basis.

Maid Training

Please look under Training.

Full House valet

When you need your house to be thoroughly cleaned, we will bring 2 maids for about 7 hours. Carpets are cleaned, inside windows, dusting etc. Our team will bring their training kits. This service starts from as little as R1,200.


Maid TrainingWe offer the following training for Maids

  • First Aid
  • Frail Care
  • Child Care
  • Washing and Ironing
  • Personal Hygiene


Please enquire about when our next classes will be.